Royalty and Unicorns

Hello lovelies.

I’ve been a bit MIA and I’m totally blaming that on two things: one, being in training (and therefore not in the office), and two, being sick.

Luckily it was business as usual today, and I took my inspiration for my outfit from one of the undisputed queens of classic style: Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Now I could spend hours gushing over her wardrobe, the causes she supposed, and pretty much everything about the British Royal Family ‘cus I’m a huge monarchist, but for now I’ll stick to copying those outfits that I can.

Blazer: Banana Republic / Shirt: Banana Republic / Pants: SC (Costco) / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Watch: Fossil / Earrings: W Kruk jewelry
Watch: Fossil / Earrings: W Kruk jewelry
The Pinspiration for my outfit (click pic for link)

In other news, I thought I’d fully follow the popular crowd and grabbed a unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks today. I enjoyed it (after mixing the sour blue stuff into the pink), but it could have been better. Also, sour crystals on whipped cream are not a good idea. Opinions are divided on flavour, but you have to admit it’s just the prettiest thing in a cup to come out of a coffee shop. Probably ever.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino
So much pretty!!