Royalty and Unicorns

Hello lovelies.

I’ve been a bit MIA and I’m totally blaming that on two things: one, being in training (and therefore not in the office), and two, being sick.

Luckily it was business as usual today, and I took my inspiration for my outfit from one of the undisputed queens of classic style: Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Now I could spend hours gushing over her wardrobe, the causes she supposed, and pretty much everything about the British Royal Family ‘cus I’m a huge monarchist, but for now I’ll stick to copying those outfits that I can.

Blazer: Banana Republic / Shirt: Banana Republic / Pants: SC (Costco) / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Watch: Fossil / Earrings: W Kruk jewelry
Watch: Fossil / Earrings: W Kruk jewelry
The Pinspiration for my outfit (click pic for link)

In other news, I thought I’d fully follow the popular crowd and grabbed a unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks today. I enjoyed it (after mixing the sour blue stuff into the pink), but it could have been better. Also, sour crystals on whipped cream are not a good idea. Opinions are divided on flavour, but you have to admit it’s just the prettiest thing in a cup to come out of a coffee shop. Probably ever.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino
So much pretty!!


Pop of Pink

With the long weekend just moments away, I decided to go for a pop of happy pink for my Thursday outfit. I also added one of my favourite pairs of earrings for some sparkle.

Shirt: Jessica / Jeans: Gap / Camisole: Mossimo / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Watch: Gucci / Earrings: W Kruk jewellery
Shirt: Jessica / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Calvin Klein
Earrings: W Kruk jewellery

Here’s the outfit in my trusty app, this time in a different view.

Career Chat Outfit

Happy Monday!! We had a lovely warm spring day here in Southern Ontario.

I had a career chat this morning with a manager in my area that turned into an impromptu interview. I knew I’d be in a more formal situation, but since it wasn’t supposed to be an interview I went with an outfit that matches the more casual vibe of my office.

Shirt: Gap / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Keds / Necklace: Joe Fresh / Watch: Fossil / Earrings: Peter Pan Jewellery Toronto
Shirt: Gap / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Keds / Necklace: Joe Fresh / Watch: Fossil / Earrings: Peter Pan Jewellery Toronto
Necklace: Joe Fresh / Watch: Fossil / Earrings: Peter Pan Jewellery Toronto

Fuchsia Friday

It’s Friday (and thank goodness)!

I love the weekend, as usually I’m able to spend it playing and spending time with my little one, which is my favourite hobby right now. She’s almost two (where has the time gone!!!) and she amazes us every single day as we watch her grow.

Carrying over the black-on-black from yesterday, I opted for a pop of colour for today’s outfit, and what better colour to pair with black than a bright, lovely pink!

Check out my outfit and it’s Pinspiration below. I skipped the scarf as I had nothing similar.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to take the pictures for the blog, so bear with me and the few different formats I’m working on!

Shirt: Jessica (from the Bay) / Pants: Banana Republic / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Watch: Gucci / Earrings: People’s Jewelers
Watch: Gucci / Earrings: People’s Jewelers

Pin can be found here.

Pinspiration, Ann Taylor shirt