What to Wear to an Interview

Happy Monday everyone!

Prepping for an interview usually focuses on researching questions and answers that you may be asked and polishing your resume, but it’s also important to give your outfit more than just a passing thought.

Your resume is your ticket to the interviews, but once there, your outfit and how you present yourself are the key to making a good first impression. Feeling confident is so much influenced by what you wear, so making sure your outfit makes you look and feel great is just as important as the layout of your resume.

I’ve come up with a list of key point to remember when looking for the perfect interview outfit.

  1. Choose classic, well-tailored fabrics (skip the denim!), and make sure to fix  up any fraying hems, missing buttons, and stains. You want to look clean and polished.
  2. Choose plain or classic patterns like a blue gingham or navy and cream stripe (skip the tribal-printed top for your first day). You don’t want to detract or distract from what you’re saying. This isn’t the time to show off your fashion knowledge (unless, of course, you’re interviewing for a fashion-forward position, in which case go nuts!).
  3. Similar to the point above, choose neutral colours or muted tones for your pieces. You don’t want to burn the corneas of your potential boss with your neon green skinnies before getting on their good side.
  4. Keep accessories classic and to a minimum. A delicate pendant on a thin chain, a string of pearls, or a tennis bracelet paired with small earrings is more than enough.
  5. Shoes should be polished, clean, and dressy. Flats are fine, but leave your runners or sandals at home. Sensible shoes will make you seem more down to earth. Also, don’t be afraid to pop comfy flats into your bag and swap out your heels afterwards.
  6. Make sure to wear deodorant and skip the perfume to avoid any allergic reactions.
  7. Keep hair neat and out of your face, nails trimmed and skin clean.
  8. Lastly, keep makeup minimal and tasteful. Neutrals work best overall, from eyes to lips and nails. Refrain from using bright eye shadows (unless interviewing for a make-up oriented position… keep it tasteful in this case too), and go for pale pink, nude, or a French manicure if you must do your nails.

I followed my own advice today and wore my black shift dress with my blazer, black heels, and pearls to accent.

Blazer: Banana Republic / Dress: Jessica / Tights: Joe Fresh / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Watch: Gucci / Necklace: Joe Fresh / Earrings: unknown / Polish: butter london

Blazer: Banana Republic / Dress: Jessica / Tights: Joe Fresh / Shoes: Franco Sarto

Watch: Gucci / Necklace: Joe Fresh / Earrings: unknown


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